Virus ah1n1 estructura pdf

So far, younger people have been more likely to be infected with 2009 h1n1 flu than older people. Influenza ah1n1 tambien conocida como influenza porcina o gripe del cerdo. The h1n1pdm09 virus was very different from h1n1 viruses that were circulating at the time of the pandemic. Most cases of 2009 h1n1 have occurred in people younger than 25 years of age. Las 20 enfermedades mas comunes causadas por virus. Schweinegrippevirus h1n1 mvz labor volkmann, karlsruhe. Mision salud influenza sintomas influenza virus influenza.

Influenza virus and the new influenza ah1n1 pandemics. Influenzaviren gehoren zur familie orthomyxoviridae. Today well start with the basic structure of influenza virus, illustrated above. The influenza virion as the infectious particle is called is roughly spherical. Biologia, vacunas, y origen del virus pandemico ah1n1. It is an orthomyxovirus that contains the glycoproteins haemagglutinin and neuraminidase. It is an enveloped virus that is, the outer layer is a lipid membrane which is taken from the host cell in which the virus multiplies. Apr 30, 2009 today well start with the basic structure of influenza virus, illustrated above.

Influenza ah1n1 virus h1n1 o gripe porcina pagina 2. Who is at greatest risk of infection with this new virus. Una persona infectada con virus influenza desarrolla anticuerpos contra ese virus. Few young people had any existing immunity as detected by antibody response to the h1n1pdm09 virus, but nearly onethird of people over 60 years old had antibodies against this virus, likely from exposure to an older h1n1 virus earlier in their lives.

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