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There are many ccas offered at the secondary school level, however, different schools may choose to offer different ccas. Bicultural chinese elective programme bicep critical thinking and problem solving. Our monthly bulletin ncps nan chiau primary school. If she gets into any of the school,i was just wondering if there are any of your kids who are also considering these 2 schools, and are currently staying in woodlands. A secondary school is both an organization that provides secondary education and the building where this takes place. Participation in ccas is graded together with other nonacademic achievements throughout a students secondary school education in a scoring system known as leaps 2. Explore a list of primary, secondary and special education schools based on education level, distance and location, and what programmes they offer.

Primary one registration 2018 primary one registration exercise for admission to primary one in the year 2019 dear parents this insert provides essential information in preparation for your childs registration for admission to primary one p1 in 2019. Jul, 2017 2 schools oversubscribed in 3rd phase of p1 registration. It has a primary section offering a sixyear primary education and a secondary section offering the fouryear gce o level education. Nan hua high school singapore schools of singapore. It aims to provide an accessible and comprehensive introduction to chinese. Our roots, the nan hua route founding of nan hua high school.

Schools in singapore are wellknown for offering a high quality of education to students. Nov 16, 2018 list of top secondary schools 2018 in singapore by cutoff psle aggregate score. Submit the completed form and accompanying documents by hand to the eunoia junior college general office by 5. The following letters customised to levelstream emphasises on the schools focus on learning for life lfl, i. Read about their experiences in the september 2014 issue. On 14 october 1956, in the midst of the chinese middle schools riots, the ministry of education established the predecessor of dunman high school, kallang west government chinese middle school, along with other schools like river valley high school and hua yi secondary school. At computer lab now, and got irritated by those cramps. Students should contact the schoolbased helpline at 6778 8303 during school operating hours mon fri. List of top secondary schools 2018 in singapore by cutoff psle aggregate score. Nanyang primary school and nan hua primary school had more applicants than vacancies available.

Arts, where the schools performing arts cocurricular activities ccas attained 9. Talk on choosing a secondary school by our principal educator click to find out more here is the list of the top 38 secondary schools by cop for 2016. Huang zhengnans archery method by huang baijia editors note. Learn more about secondary school courses, direct school admissions and the secondary 1 posting process. Our school school management committee school policies school staff school alumni. To help all busy parents out there, weve compiled a list of secondary school open house dates in 2019 for your. We play a key role in grooming a core group of bilingual singaporeans well versed in the chinese language and culture. As school reopens on 29 jan 2020, moe will be enhancing precautionary measures in view of the novel coronavirus situation. Cnme is a school developed curriculum where our students develop 21st century competencies as they explore areas of interest. Latest secondary school cut off point cop singapore maths. The school s name was changed to nan hua high school from 1 january 2006. Huaching ni shambhala publications books, audio, and. Parents guide for pg travel declaration update particulars. As of 2005, the schools participating consisted of 9 primary schools anglochinese school primary, catholic high school primary, henry park primary school, nan hua primary school, nanyang primary school, rosyth school, tao nan school, st.

Nanyang primary school and nan hua primary school had. We play a key role in grooming a core group of bilingual singaporeans well. Incomplete andor late applications will not be considered. Dunman high school wikipedias dunman high school as. Hildas primary school, and raffles girls primary school.

The secondary one posting exercise is an annual posting exercise conducted by the ministry of education to post primary 6 students who have passed their primary school leaving examinations psle to a secondary school based on their psle results and their school choices. The widely opened book featured in the crest symbolises the schools virtue in. It is a global financial center with a multicultural population. Cocurricular activities ccas in nan hua high school cca is an integral part of the holistic, wellrounded education for students and serves as a platform for the nurturing of values as well as building up of resilience, confidence and life skills.

Huaching ni, an acknowledged master of all aspects of taoist arts and philosophy, has lived and taught in the united states since 1976. Learning for life programme llp special assistance plan sap flagship. These include daily temperature taking and leave of absence for students and staff with a travel history to china. Nan chiau high school was officially designated as a special assistance plan from january 2012. It is also one of the joint organisers of the national secondary school chinese. Most secondary schools in singapore offer 4year express course special course for sap schools or 5year courses leading up to the gce olevel examination. Nan hua high school, nazirul kranji secondary school and jia poh yuhua secondary school had the experience of a lifetime when they were chosen by their schools to go on the trip. There is a direct bus service 189 that stops opposite nan hua high school. As a result of the bold move, some problem solving approaches used at the primary level based on piagets and bruners paradigms differ from the secondary school mathematics. An island citystate off southern malaysia, singapore has a population of 5. Latest secondary school cut off point cop posted on february 2, 2018 by mathtuition88 something interesting in the latest secondary school based on psle results cut off points cop is that mgs cutoff points has risen sky high to 261, on par with ri and above hci and rgs. Nan hua school culture our roots, the nan hua route. Some secondary schools can provide both lower secondary education and upper secondary education, but these can also be provided in separate schools, as in the american middle and high school system. The school is operated by the ministry of education.

Students cover basic topics such as greetings, family members, common objects, food and time words. Huang baijia 1634 1704 was a student of huang zhennan, promoter of the neijia school of chinese martial arts which spread from shaanxi to the east coast of china at the end of the 18 th century. The school is also the west zone centre of excellence for chinese language and culture. This magazine of the nan hua secondary school contains messages, news and photographs of the school, its staff and students, extra curricula activities and. The momentous change for our school took place in 1984 when the school began to admit secondary one boys and by then, the intake of primary school students was terminated. Hi kiasu parents, my dd is considering crescent girls and nan hua high school.

Secondary school open house 2019 the new age parents. Singapore is wellknown for having an outstanding education system with worldclass schools. It was renamed dunman high school after thomas dunman. He is the author of more than fortyfive books on chinese philosophy, traditional healing, the i ching, meditation, and related subjects. The widely opened book featured in the crest symbolizes the importance of. Here is the list of the top 40 secondary schools by cop for 2018. Two continual assessments ca1 and ca2 and two semesteral assessments sa1 and sa2.

Nan hua high school singapore high school facebook. It is the tenth special assistance programme sap school in singapore, in which both english and chinese are taught as first languages. List of top secondary schools 2018 in singapore by cut. To help all busy parents out there, weve compiled a list of. Many students board 189 at clementi station bus stop. Catholic high school, singapore project gutenberg self. Hi, welcome to primary this site has a good collection of free downloadable test papers from popular schools in singapore. Nan hua high school is located at 41 clementi avenue 1 singapore 129956 and is situated in district 05 of singapore. Students may choose to participate in more than 1 cca. The following letters customised to levelstream emphasises on the school s focus on learning for life lfl, i.

Why not visit the schools open house to have a first impression and feel of the school. I am staying 1km from the school and it will be easier for us if our kids are studying in a nearby school. You may unsubscribe with us any time by clearing the interest option. The schools name was changed to nan hua high school from 1 january 2006. Nan hua high school is an coeducational government secondary school in clementi, singapore, offering the. Nan hua high school project gutenberg selfpublishing ebooks. The new school building was officially opened by prime minister lee hsien loong on 17 july 2005 when he declared nan hua secondary school achieving its autonomous status in 2006. A notable exception are the integrated programme ip schools, which offer a 6year course leading up to the gce alevel examination or. Nan hua secondary school 19981999 souvenir magazine. Nan hua primary school is a coeducational primary school in singapore. Huaching ni has 81 books on goodreads with 3179 ratings. Students can seek admission to certain secondary schools based on talent in sports, ccas and specific academic areas. Nanyang girls high school moved to a new campus at linden drive on 6 june 1999. On behalf of the school, i sincerely thank each and every one of you for partnering the school in nurturing the students.

Nan chiau high school a special assistance plan school. Nanyang girls high school became an independent school in 1993, and became a gifted education programme centre in 1999. Nanyang girls high school wikimili, the free encyclopedia. All graduates of the nan hua primary school may apply for life membership as long as they are above the age of 18 years old. Fps 2018 information booklet for parents of p6 pupils slideshare.

While giving our teenagers their own space, we can update each other about the school. We stories is a collection of stories from secondary schools in the west zone which aims to. We stories is a compilation of stories from all the west zone secondary schools, which we hope would provide our p6ers with information about the strengths and distinctiveness of each secondary school that will in turn, help them make good choices on the secondary schools that best suit their needs, interests and aspirations. P6 science sa1 2016 nan hua primary school test paper. Our monthly bulletin nan chiau primary school november 2017 dear parents, it is the time of the year where we look back and reflect upon our fruitful 2017. View pdf of 50th anniversary 19361986 magazine,1986 in chinese, selected pages view pdf of school magazine, 2006 in.

School physical education and stschinese edition chen bao nan on. Founded in 1917, nan hua high school is the tenth special assistance plan sap school in singapore, and is an autonomous school since 2001. Direct school admission to secondary school dsa waitlist. Ca1 is held at the end of term 1 probably in end feb or early mar. By registering as our subscriber, you have given us consent that we could communicate with you via email. And yes, they do offer express chinese for students who dont take higher chinese. Other books in the series secondary school chinese for beginners is a textbook, workbook and online portal aimed at beginner students in key stage 3.

The school has been honoured to have the support of our parents. We would need relevant supporting document, such as copy of your psle leaving cert to be sent together with your online application. Most students are placed in secondary school through s1 posting admission. One can see two problems faced by the pupils and teachers at the secondary level. Anchored in the guiding principle potential providing opportunities to engage and nurture talent in academic areas of learning, the curriculum has elements of collaborative work, research and ict skills and a focus on. Resources developed by teachers will be used to support parents in deepening their understanding and cultivating the practice of values education within the family. The emphasis on the 8 school values is also reflected in the establishment of the values education portal to assist parents in their efforts to promote values education in the family.

The school was the first to implement the art elective programme aep for artistically proficient students in 1984. When your child expresses concerns about school, find out more from the school and help your child consider ways to solve hisher problems. Nan hua high school nhhs is a coeducational government secondary school in clementi. Nan hua high school is not affiliated with nan hua primary school, despite a shared heritage. Singapore school crests the stories behind the symbols pdf. Speech and drama, enhanced art programme, book and music week, arts. View main page view main page cocurricular activities. To mark the significant change, the name of our school was changed to nan hua secondary school. Title bridging the gap between secondary and primary. It also contains information on the 2020 academic assessment criteria. Recently, i tried to apply for parent volunteer service for nan hua primary school but got rejected by them. Feb 27, 2020 explore a list of primary, secondary and special education schools based on education level, distance and location, and what programmes they offer. While preparing your child for psle, youve also got to think about his or her school of choice.

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